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You look outside your window and see your spacious front lawn. If it got you thinking if only I could maximize the space and add more elements to make it livelier, But then a bigger question hits you again how do I begin, and how do I do it? If you see yourself in this scenario, the best recourse is to stop worrying and leave it to the experts.

At Cherry Hill Deck Builders, we can transform your dull, empty lawn into an outdoor masterpiece with our various patios and hardscapes selections, all according to your own visions for it. We have complete access to all the tools required for building a patio and know how to use the items safely.

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Patios are perfect for entertaining, getting lost in a good book, and spending quality time with family. They can also serve as an extension of your home if installed near an entrance in and out of your house, rather than as an island in the middle of your yard. Because there are a number of material options to consider when building a patio, our local patio builders in Cherry Hill, NJ, can help you choose the best type of surface material to complement your home’s structural design.


Whatever you enjoy doing outside, there’s a hardscape for you. For extra seating and more cooking space, you can add a sitting wall, a grill surround, or both to the perimeter of your patio. And, if you want to spend cold evenings outside, adding a fire pit is an excellent pick. Whenever you’re ready to add some hardscape features to your home, you can rely on our professional hardscape contractors to make your vision possible.

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Professional Hardscape Services in Cherry Hill Deck Builders NJ
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Pathways and Walkways

A well-designed pathway and walkway keep your feet dry and provides safe, easy access to your house. Moreover, mapping out connections to destination areas, pathways and walkways can add a lot of character to your landscape. However, to build one, you will need competent builders who can create carefully planned pathways and walkways, as well as help organize your entire landscape. This is why you’ll need our skilled crew at Cherry Hill Deck Builders.


Whether you realize it or not, your driveway makes a big first impression. Its size, design, and surface material are all crucial factors to consider. So too are other aesthetic and practical issues, such as the architectural style of your house, the amount of space you have, and how many vehicles you need to accommodate. But whether you want a driveway that is simple and functional or eye-catching and elegant, our local builders at Cherry Hill Deck Builders can handle it all with care.

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Your Trusted Patio and Hardscape Builder in Cherry Hill, NJ

You’ve surely realized by now how valuable patios and hardscapes are as an investment. Not only will these outdoor features increase the market value of your home, but they could also be the “essential piece” you’ve been missing every time you glance at your front lawn.

Interested in our outdoor home addition, deck repair and improvement services? Talk to our friendly staff in Cherry Hill, NJ, and let our professional contractors bring your front yard dreams to life! Give us a call at 856-263-5251 to see how we can help you.