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Here’s the thing about decks – they add versatility, beauty, and value to your home. Simply add some furniture, and you’ll have a fantastic gathering place for a barbecue night or a family dinner. On beautiful days, a deck provides a lovely view of nature while you spend time with people you care about.

When you’re ready to install one, our local deck builders headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ are here to help you build and design your preferred type of deck from any type of decking materials. What’s more, we specialize in deck reconstruction, deck expansion, customized decking, deck repair, and deck cleaning. Simply put, we are a one-stop shop for all of your decking needs!

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Our Deck Installation Process

At Cherry Hill Deck Builders, we use a tried and true process to make sure that we complete your deck installation project on time and that your project specifics are followed. We will walk you through each stage of our deck construction process and what to expect at each stage.

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1. Book an appointment with us

To get started, just give us a call and tell us about the kind of deck project you’d want us to work on. We will ask you questions about how you envisioned your deck project turning out, your budget estimates, your projected time period, and any other aspects that are important to the build. Once everything is set, we will schedule a visit to your home.

2. Site Visit

This stage involves getting an actual assessment of your area as well as measuring the site. We will also use this time to pick out styles, colors, design options, and layout. We will come to your home to discuss your project with you and set your expectations.

Layout and Pricing - Cherry Hill Deck Builders NJ

3. Layout and Pricing

After the visit, we will send you an email with a detailed quote. Construction can begin once we have agreed on the final quote, signed the contract, and received the deposit.

4. The Deck Installation

Expect our local deck installers to arrive at your location, bringing all the tools for the build. You can ask us questions anytime, and we are more than happy to walk you through the entire deck building process.

Our Deck Design and Installation Services

Cherry Hill Deck Builders New Deck Installation NJ

New Deck Installation

Our deck installation team installs different types of decks, including multi-tier decks, wrap-around decks, attached decks, detached decks, and even garage deck

Deck Design Services Cherry Hill Deck Builders NJ

Deck Design

We design the best deck for your family, paying close attention to both quality and aesthetics

Deck Repair Services Cherry Hill Deck Builders NJ

Deck Repair and Maintenance

We can repair all kinds of damage to your deck, whether it's board gap, protruding nails, loose screws, floor cracks, and more!

Deck Cleaning

We use cleaning solutions that are safe and effective for all types of decking materials.

Deck Expansion

We will look into the size and shape needed for the changes and will provide you with a detailed plan for your deck expansion project.

Deck Renovation Cherry Hill Deck Builders NJ

Deck Renovation

Whether you want to keep your current design or give it a new look, Cherry Hill Deck Builders will make it happen.

Why Build with Cherry Hill Deck Builders?

We are locally-owned and operated

Our deck builders are all licensed and insured

We have years of professional experience in the industry

Our services are guaranteed affordable

Deck Design and Installation Services Cherry Hill Deck Builders NJ

At Cherry Hill Deck Builders, we don't just install decks – we install durable and beautifully designed decks!

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